Every kitchen with an independent island unit needs to have bar stools as part of its essential functioning. To not have a bar stool at a kitchen island is to stand uncomfortably whilst eating cereal or sitting back in a overpowering arm chair which not only means you cannot reach the counter surface, but takes up space. Bar stools are very important in making a kitchen island work, and the choice of bar stool should not be taken lightly.

The bar stool is such a tried and tested staple of any social bar scene, and it can be used to the same effect in your own home as a functional addition to a kitchen regardless of if you have an island or not. Its ease of practicality, comfort and lack of cleaning maintenance make it indispensable. Along with their being no real limitation to the number of bar stools you can have around a kitchen island. Dependent on the size of your island you can choose to have a minimalistic look with a few stools with a simple design placed with strategical precision for effect, or you can have a neat uniformed row of kitchen stools as silhouettes around the outskirts acting as little islands of the larger kitchen island.

Depending on your desired use of the kitchen island there are bar stools to suit all needs. If you have a large family with busy independent lives and a rush to be somewhere else, a bar stool offers practicality of quick movement. The kids in the morning can jump on and jump off as they grab an orange juice and a slice of toast and head to school with swivel backless stools. Yet a similarly perfect choice for for an adult to sit at and read the paper with a hot black coffee would be a fixed bar stool with a back rest to enjoy those precious quiet moments.

Even if you live alone in a studio apartment with a small kitchen island, one or two wooden bar stool as an option for a place to eat which frees up space elsewhere. They also create additional seating for drinking wine with a friend whilst having a catch up. Two unique transparent kitchen stools will look good when not used, and can even act as a talking point when friends come over.

What is often understated is the bar stools ability to bring the kitchen together to work with the theme of the room. A deep brown leather bar stool will look great alongside a traditional and elegant wooden kitchen unit. At the same time, you can chose modern simple designs in stainless steel or an illuminous orange plastic. Whatever your choice, a bar stool can act as a contrasting accessory to the backdrop of any kitchen island.

A practical bar stool can still look fashionable and cool and break always from the traditional fixed wooden bar stools accustomed to nightlife. Various designs to fit any style of kitchen or color. Bar stools which are built into the island and pivot out offer a unique take on the traditional as well as offering the same practicality.

Overall, the most favorable aspect of the simple bar stool at a kitchen island is how much it can transform an area which is often the most sociable part of a home. Whether you have a large family or are a busy single working person, a well chosen bar stool can be a trendy addition to a kitchen island or an essential location to grab a moment before rushing out.

Source: This article was first published hereĀ TYPES OF BAR STOOLS FOR KITCHEN ISLANDS